Check Your Financial Aid To Do List

At the Student Self-Service login page enter your Username and Password.
  • Once in the Student Center the TO DO LIST is located on the right hand side, second box down.
  • If there is anything listed (i.e. HS Transcripts, verification, etc.) a link labeled "details" is available. Select "details"
  • The To Do List will list the items that need to be submitted to complete your Financial Aid file along with the due dates.  The due date listed may not be what the college requires.  Make sure you have submitted all of the verification and other paperwork requests BY THE DUE DATES for that semester.  If the paperwork isn't submitted on time the financial file cannot be completed and you may be required to pay out of pocket or from another source. 

Selecting an item in your To Do List opens another detailed screen giving contact information for that department.