Academic Resources for Students

Academic Resources for Students

Our primary goal is for you to succeed. With that in mind, we offer a variety of services and programs to help you achieve your academic and career goals.

What kind of help can I receive?

• Master Advising Center which provides academic advising toward educational plans.
• Tutoring services for specific subjects.
• Adult Education, which, if you are 16 or older and not enrolled in public schools, teaches skills to further your education or career opportunities.
• Testing Center which provides COMPASS, GED, WorkKeys, computer literacy, business and industry testing.
• Supplemental Instruction which provides a tutor to attend class and to hold study sessions.
• Student Support Services, a federally funded program providing outreach and support, for eligible student.
• College-Wide focus on Critical Reading Skills through the institution’s Quality Enhancement Plan.

What kind of tutoring is available?

Our tutors help you study certain subjects, proofread papers, offer individual and group study sessions and provide other services requested by instructors.

What kind of computer services are offered?

Computers are available on campus and offer access to a variety of programs including Microsoft Office products: Microsoft Word, Access, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher.

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